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   December 25th, the new housing estate group to enter the new staff training in the first meeting room of the group's fifteen floor, a successful fall. The training of the real estate group in August since the entry of more than 20 new employees. This is the first time since the establishment of the establishment of the social recruitment of youth oriented training. Song Xiuyi, President of the real estate group on the training attached great importance to the scene, while the presence of green construction real estate group vice president Zhang Yu, President of the assistant Yan Wen, Han Xia, Tao Subo, deputy director of the executive department. Lin Li, vice president of real estate group, and the human resources department manager.


   Before the training officially began, Lin total by inviting new employees to shake hands with each other warm, smiling greetings of the new form, so that new employees feel the real estate group, a harmonious and warm family, active in the field of training atmosphere.


   The chairman of the board of directors, Qingjian real estate group president Song Xiuyi published ebullience speech. Song always welcome new employees to join. Subsequently, Song Zong detailed introduction of the history of the new housing estate group and the development of a sustainable development process from disorder to order. Finally, the new staff to put forward a great expectations: as soon as possible to adapt to the new job, the personal career planning and business mission to combine together, to improve the quality of individual professional, real estate groups and their own development. Heart there are many stage how much, blue and real estate group will be able to provide a broad development platform for the employees, so that the new staff to become a green building and feel proud of the real estate.


   Qingjian estate group vice president Zhang Yu introduced the general situation of the real estate enterprise group and enterprise culture; real estate group assistant president Wen Yan explained the Qingdao construction real estate group strategy; real estate group assistant president Han Xia introduced the real estate development processes; real estate group deputy general manager Lin Li, vice president of the administrative department of human resources system, Tao Subo respectively the administrative system explained.


   Finally, Lin made a summary of the speech, hoping to quickly adapt to the requirements of the new staff, the practice of corporate culture, strengthen the executive power, and do the work of real estate group. After the training of human resources for new staff training effect survey, new staff have said that through the training of the real estate group has a deeper understanding of the rapid development of the real estate group, integrated into the new work environment to provide useful help, new employees will be in the new job innovation passion of work, for the development of green building real estate group to make their own contribution.