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    Guoqing business school as "problem oriented" as the guiding ideology, adhere to the "everyone is a teacher, all the students", "from practice, practice, practice is higher than for" philosophy of education, education system through the establishment of a set of efficient behavior, to improve the quality and standard of Guoqing group of personnel training, and strive to become the group to solve the practical problems of the research platform, talents education platform, business intelligence reserve platform and the construction of enterprise culture and communication platform.


   Adhere to the principle of individualized instruction, training, according to the staff of different levels and training sequence.


   The first sequence, senior executives, focus on the cultivation of strategic thinking, management skills;


   Second sequence, middle and business backbone personnel, focusing on the cultivation of executive ability;


   Third series, the basic staff (including new employees), basic corporate culture, business quality training.