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   Qingdao Haiding Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd., with engaged in financial service such as financial investment, credit guaranty and entrust financial management, was established in December 2009 with a registered capital of RMB 300 million Yuan,.


   Based upon the strong support of Qingjian Group Co.,Ltd ,our controlling shareholder, Qingdao Haiding Investment & Guaranty Co., Ltd. has its modern enterprise system, and boasts a professional team of strong sense of responsibility who is familiar with market rules and good at guarantee and investment operation. Adhering to the operation principle of equality, mutual benefit, control safety, trustworthy and scientific decision-making, we establish extensive and thorough cooperation relations with more than 20 banks including China Development Bank, China Construction Bank, China Agricultural Bank, Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. And we have developed businesses such as loan guarantee, bill acceptance guarantee, trade financial guarantee, project financial guarantee, credit guarantee, litigation preservation guarantee, bidding guarantee, pre-payment guarantee, project performance guarantee etc. We have attained better economic results and won the favorable comments from both our customers and market.


   Bearing in mind the philosophy of specialization, market-driven and honesty, we will develop business with our customers.


Enterprise advantages


Professional services: rapid reaction and high efficiency; and we endeavor to provide the customer with fast, efficient and safe financing channels.

Resource advantage: with the resources advantage of Qingjian Group Co.,Ltd, we established good relations with financial institutions and got credit support from many banks, which supports our excellent resources-integration ability.

Complete categories: besides guarantee business, we also have developed financial investment and entrust financial management business to meet your needs.

Reasonable price: Our charging fees are reasonably in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state.


Business scope


1.Enterprises financing guarantee

        Financing guarantee business Scope

        Guarantee for project loan, fluid fund loan guarantee for enterprise, bank acceptance draft guarantee, credit pack loan guarantee, import and export trade financing guarantee, real estate development loan guarantee, property pledge loan guarantee (stock rights, intellectual property rights, business rights etc.), pledge loan guarantee, equipment financing lease guarantee, export drawback pledge loan guarantee, the enterprise merger bridging loan guarantee, count, lease, intensive project package loan, factoring business, enterprise comprehensive credit guarantee, commercial draft guarantee,capital market short-term financing, short-term financing of supporting guarantee, equipment installment guarantee, trust product guarantee.


2. Project guarantee

Construction contract guarantee business

⑴ Bidding guarantee

        Bidding guarantee is the guarantee which guarantor provide to the client to ensure the bidder’s bidding activities are in accordance with the requirements of bidding documents. If the bidder withdraws bidding documents during bidding open period or fails to sign construction contract after a successful bid, the guarantor will take the responsibility according to the contract.

⑵Payment guarantee

        The payment guarantee of client is the guarantee that ensures the client to perform its payment obligation under the project contract. It is provided for contractor by the guarantor to ensure the owner to pay for the project funds.

⑶ Performance guarantee

        The contractor performance guarantee is the guarantee that guarantor provide to the owner to ensure the contractor performs its obligation under project construction contract.


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