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Company Culture
TEL : 86-0532-88257777
P.C. : 266071
FAX : 86-0532-88257700
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ADD: Qingdao City, South China Sea Branch 5

Enterprise mission

Architectural art, create a harmonious space

The group's mission requires that every one of us should be treated as an art work, and to make it a fine quality.

Create a harmonious building space for customers;

Provide a harmonious work and development space for employees;

To provide the relevant parties to provide a harmonious cooperation and win-win space.


Enterprise vision

Become a customer satisfaction, pride, and public respect for the Chinese class, the world's leading brand building

The vision of the group is a reflection of an ideal, ambitious and responsible business. We want to make the customer satisfied by the careful service every day, through the platform for the staff to achieve their own value and make the staff feel proud, through social responsibility and dedication to the public to win the public.


Enterprise core values

Integrity and dedication, to create excellence, cooperation and win-win, harmonious development

Integrity and dedication, we do things a person's code of conduct;

To create excellence, is our continuous improvement of the ideological realm;

Cooperation and win-win, is our attitude towards the relevant parties;

Harmonious development is the development direction that we always pursue.