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  Qingjian Group Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Qingjian)was established in 1952, which mainly engaged in domestic and international construction projects and investment, real estate development, capital management, logistics, design consulting and etc.

  Qingjian was one of the first 15 enterprises in China to pass through the housing turnkey contract with top grade qualification. Qingjian ranked the 277th in the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”, ranked the 62th in the “ENR the Biggest Worldwide 250 International Contractors”. In 2005, Qingjian was granted the “National Quality Management Award” which was the third awarded construction enterprise; Qingjian won the “Enterprise management award in shandong province” in 2011; Qingjian won the first “Mayor Quality Awards of Qingdao City” in 2012. In recent years, Qingjian has attained over 300 honors and awards at or above provincial level including “China Famous Trademark”,“National Outstanding Construction Enterprise”, “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise” and etc.

  In the meanwhile, since the good credit Qingjian Group has won the countless awards & prizes including “National Enterprises of Good Creditworthiness”, “National Credit Grade AAA Construction Industry”, the first batch of “China Credit Demonstration Units” approved by Ministry of Commerce, and “Credit Grade AAA International Contractor” & “Credit Grade AAA International Labor Cooperation Enterprise” by China International Contractors Association. Qingjian Group has also been honored as the AAA Credit Rating Enterprise by multiple banks, such as China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and etc.

  Qingjian possesses the only state-level technology center with domestic leading level in the construction industry of Shandong province; sets up the first post-doctoral scientific research station in construction industry of Shandong province, which has accumulatively completed more than 90 scientific & technological achievements at or above national leading level; received more than 400 science & technology awards at or above provincial and ministerial level, including the two technologies are awarded National Second Prize for Progress in Science and Technology “Durability Theory and Applied Technology of Coastal Concrete Structure” and eleven construction methods, such as “The Technology of Jet Grouting Pile Waterproof Curtain Under Complex Oceanside Geological Conditions”, are evaluated as national-level construction method.

  In project contracting, Qingjian has completed numerous landmark buildings and significant projects, such as 29th Olympic Sailing Center, Qingdao Municipal Government Building,Liuting International Airport, Qingdao International Conference Center, Qingdao Grand Theatre, Qingdao Swimming and Diving Gym, Hyatt Regency, and etc, which has won 22Luban awards of the highest award of constructional engineering quality in China; 16 National Quality Awards,7 Zhan Tianyou Awards, 40 National Customer Satisfaction Project Awards and more than 200 engineering project awards at or above provincial level.

  Since 1983, Qingjian Group Co, Ltd. (CNQC) has gone abroad to contract projects in the international market. Up to now, it has establishments in over 40 countries and regions including Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. CNQC has constructed many key projects in the world, such as, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Center, the Presidential Palace of Mali, the Cultural Palace of Cote d’Ivoire, the Government Building in Belsavat City of Israel, the Office Building of the Ministry of Defense of Ghana, the Angolan Water Plant, the CP3 Highway of the Philippines, and the Chinese Embassies in Liberia, Tanzania and some other countries. Six of its employees have been awarded the silver prize for China-Aid Contribution Award by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

  Qingjian has succeeded in developing the commercial and residential property more than ten domestic cities including Qindao, Jinan, Beijng, Shenyang and overseas countries such as Singapore, which is the first foreign enterprise to development DBSS project in Singapore and acquire the award of luxury private apartment project; has honored and awarded numerous “Chinese Famous Real Estate”, “China Top Ten Commercial Real Estate Projects” and “National Comfortable Housing Demonstration Project”. Among them, the Bishan DBSS project has received the highest award of construction and environmental protection in Singapore, “Singapore-BCA Green Mark Award”.

  Qingjian has been searching the model of transformation and upgrading and opened up a new pattern of “Diversified Operations and Professional Development” on the basis of intensifying principal works. By the combination between industry and finance, Qingjian committed to get through the whole industrial chain of construction industry. Under the two main works driven of engineering construction and real estate development, there is a rapid growth of capital operations and five-fold increasing of bank line of credit in three years in the upstream industrial chain, sets up the first finance company in construction industry of Shandong province; The Design Consulting Department has carried on more than 20 EPC projects at home and abroad. The Logistics business has been implemented more than a dozen provinces and cities in the downstream industrial chain. Among them, the business scale of commercial concrete and machinery leasing activities occupy the first place in Qingdao.

  Actively assuming the social responsibilities, Qingjian is warmhearted programs for public good with accumulatively over 20 million RMB fund input. Then, the brand influence and the reputation have been constantly upgraded, in the meanwhile, Qingjian has been granted the title of “National Worker Vanguard” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions; Qingjian has organized the staff to donate more than 1.2 million RMB to the Yushu earthquake; QingJian has established the Qingjian Charitable Foundation with 100 million RMB, which shall keep the lasting input in the fields of subsidizing students and teachers, and help of social group in difficulties according to plans and steps.


  Qingjian is taking the enterprise mission of “to build art treasures and create harmonious spaces", and based on the core value of "Professional Integrity, Creation of Excellence, Win-Win Cooperation, and Harmonious Development". Qingjian will create a glorious future with you hand in hand.