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Technological Innovation
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ADD: Qingdao City, South China Sea Branch 5

   In recent years, the cumulative national key scientific and technological project, provincial and municipal levels of more than 30;


   The completion of the development of new technology, new technology, new products and other types of innovations over more than 80, among them, more than 50 results of the leading domestic level;


   Won the National Prize for progress in science and technology, science and technology awards more than 200;


   Has 85 national patents, including more than 30 invention patents;


   Editor in chief of the national standards 1, 7 national standards, 3 provincial standards, 12 enterprises technical standards;


   The completion of the development of enterprise construction nearly 100, including 4 national labor law, the provincial law 91;


   And there are more than 100 above the provincial new technology demonstration project.