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      Design consulting sector including Qingdao City Architectural Design Institute Co. Ltd., Qingdao Construction Group Corporation Guoqing architecture planning and Design Institute, Qingdao Construction Group Company construction planning and Design Institute, has a design qualification. Plate professional configuration is complete, covering the city planning, environmental landscape, architecture, structure, water supply and drainage, HVAC, electric power telecommunications, road and bridge, and other professional. Has a national level registered architect, registered architect, registered equipment engineer, registered cost division and more than 100 people. The design team Qingjian in Singapore, Algeria, Angola EPC design pattern to Bishan Yiran Pavilion, Ning Ju apartment project, ThanaBoun Guesthouse project, plus cold pudding plant projects, Algeria, Algeria, Oran PANORAMA building 10000 residential projects, Angola waterworks two projects, including Bishan Yiran building project was named Singapore environmental construction field the highest award - "green mark" award; has participated in the Tianjin 117 building (596m), Guangzhou West Tower (500m), CCTV CCTV new site (226m), Huangdao World Trade Center (199m) design of super high-rise projects. In the country to promote green building, reduce energy consumption in the backgroun,d the design and construction of the world famous design company FTA Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Germany reached a cooperation, focusing on green office, industrial parks, urban complexes and core areas of the design, to further enhance their core competitiveness.