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Company Culture
TEL : 86-0532-88257777
P.C. : 266071
FAX : 86-0532-88257700
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ADD: Qingdao City, South China Sea Branch 5

Interpretation of Symbol:


 The main body of symbol is formed by “CNQC”, the shortening of “CHINA QINGDAO CONSTRUCTION”, and the concise letters tally with the design trend of internationalization and modernization.


 The symbol looks steady-going and firm, which expresses the idea of Qingdao Construction Group to entrench itself in our country and seek more cooperation in the world, and its struggling objective and long-range view of development by trying its best to learn from and get close to the international famous enterprises and the superexcellent brands that customers rely on deeply.


 There’s an artistic treatment with the first letter “C” of the symbol, through which forms the imago graphics of construction, and embodies the industry feature of construction trade-the group’s main work, at the same time the letter “C” has strong power sense and sense of space, which expresses the initial passion of exceeding continuously, being in pursuit of excellence and the glorious business miss in “Building refined work of art and create harmonious space” of Qingdao Construction People.


 The image of the first letter of the symbol looks like the number “1” so much, which foreshows the enterprise culture in building the first-class construction products, establishing the excellent enterprise and striving for the first place in its industry for ever.


 The color blue in the symbol has the meaning of wit, calmness, greatness, internationalization, which can express the international enterprise image of Qingdao Construction Group for its going forward with best efforts.


 The symbol is concise and generous as a whole, harmonious and ordered. It has nicer visual impact force which makes a perfect annotation of the enterprise image.