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The hotel decoration project tenders tenders


   My company's construction of the Leling hotel project, the construction area of 3600M2, the structure of the frame structure, the layer is 17 storeys, the construction site for the Leling Dezhou city. The study on the decision of the engineering decoration engineering tenders (one or two floor lobby and restaurant) public bidding. A unit of intent to participate in the tender, please prepare the pre qualification documents according to the requirements of this notice and at the appointed time in the specified time. Qualified units, can be on-site to receive the tender documents.


   First, the contents of the pre qualification documents include:


   Enterprise legal person business license, enterprise qualification certificate, the legal representative of the original (or legal representative authorized letter of attorney), safety production license, tax registration certificate, business profile, the basic situation of labor enterprises, enterprises nearly three years related performance, etc..


   Two, submitted to the request: two copies, the cover of the pre qualification documents must be stamped with the official seal of the tender and the legal representative. The annual examination of the enterprise business license, qualification certificate, production safety certificate, tax registration certificate and the legal representative certificate must be served in the prequalification tender side valided times.


   Three, delivery time: as of November 30, 2015 17:30.


   Four, service location: Leling City, Dezhou City, Phoenix marketing center two floor


   Five, contact: Jiang Zhengwei


             Electric words: 0534-6789999