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ADD: Qingdao City, South China Sea Branch 5


Laoshan road two project of ductile iron manhole covers


   My company is to save operating costs, the study decided to open tender for advertising signs. Suppliers who are interested in participating in the bid, please prepare the pre qualification documents according to the requirements of this announcement and at the appointed time. The qualified units, the company will notify you to receive the tender documents.


   First, the pre qualification documents include: business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, legal representative certificate, company profile, etc..


   Two, submission requirements: two copies of the prequalification documents cover the tendering units must be stamped with the official seal and legal representative chapter, annual business license, tax registration certificate, product quality permit and the legal representative of the original certificate must be in the prequalification documents bidding valided times square.


   Three, bank account information:


                Name: Qingdao Construction Group Corporation International Business Company


               Company address: Qingdao City Nanhai Branch No. 5 2 floor


               Account number: 37101986210051015366


               China Construction Bank branch in Qingdao City, North Branch China


               Bank address: Qingdao city Taitung District Road No. 39


              Tender bond: 20000rmb


              To pay the bid bond after issuing the book.


   Four, delivery time: as of November 19, 2015 14 before.


   Five, delivery location: Industrial Building No. 16 North Liaoyang road 1206 Qingdao Tendering Center


   Six, contact: Luo Pengfei


          Contact phone: 0532-88250608