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  “One Belt and One Road” development experience exchange meeting in Qingdao Engineering Construction Industry was held successfully in Qingjian Group

  On April 13, “One Belt and One Road” development experience exchange meeting in Qingdao Engineering Construction Industry was held in Qingjian Group. The competent department of urban and rural construction system in Qingdao and the head of the member enterprise of Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance, and some of other principals of engineering construction enterprises with the strength to open up overseas market attended the exchange meeting.

  Under the initiative of Qingdao Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance was led by Qingjian Group and established on April 27, 2016. Currently, more than 60 alliance companies have been absorbed, and the offices have been established in 15 countries, such as Algeria, Ghana, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

  At the meeting, Xin Zhaohe reported work conditions of Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance and next-step work plan. He said that, since its inception, the Alliance has performed its important responsibilities of leading enterprises to “go out”, “go to sea by a mass” and expand international cooperation platforms; the Alliance will assume the mission and responsibility for construction of “One Belt and One Road”, integrate superior resources, build carrier platforms, foster international brands, and promote more enterprises to “set sail”, and make contributions to the international engineering construction cause for Qingdao, Shandong Province and even the country.

  Wu Shuyi, the President of Qingjian Group introduced the development situation of Qingjian “going out”, overseas market development channels and models, as well as achievements in recent years. He said that since the proposal of national initiative of “One Belt and One Road”, Qingjian Group has always made countries along the “One Belt and One Road” as important target areas for the development of international business. In the implementation of “large overseas” strategy, in the industrial layout of “one body with two wings” and market layout of “one circle with two wings”, it created a common fate body as circles of friends with alliance units to share risks, face challenges together, in order to obtain mutual benefit and win-win result, go abroad and go to the world together. Ning Chunpeng, the Deputy Chief Engineer of Shandong Electric Power Construction No. 3 Engineering Co., Ltd., Guo Daosheng, the President of Zhongqijiao Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Luo Fuquan, the Chairman of Qingdao Yueyang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., also made exchanges.

  Liu Yuyong, the Deputy Director of Qingdao Urban and Rural Construction Committee pointed out that the Alliance has done a lot of work since its establishment for two years. Engineering construction enterprises have also made great achievements in market development and new contracts, reflecting a good “going out” momentum of the construction industry enterprises in Qingdao City; as a platform to promote the development of construction enterprises in Qingdao City, promote alliance between giants and conduct international cooperation, Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance shoulders important missions and responsibilities. The Alliance should coordinate the member companies to cooperate sincerely and make progress together. The municipal urban and rural construction commission will also continue to support the growth of the Alliance, support the development of engineering construction enterprises, and jointly make new greater contributions to the urban and rural construction cause for Qingdao City.


  Attached drawing 1: Exchange meeting site