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  “Qingjian” was awarded with the service brand of Shandong Province

  Recently, Announcement of the Leading Group Office of Shandong Provincial Quality Province and Brand Strategy Promotion Work Group on the Affirmation Result of Service Brand of Shandong Province in 2017 released 191 brands, such as “Qingjian” as “Service Brand of Shandong Province”.

  In recent years, Shandong Province has conscientiously implemented the spirit of Outline for Quality Development (2011-2020) of the State Council, implemented the quality province strategy, and actively organized and carried out affirmation of Service Brand of Shandong Province in 2017. Through the recommendation by cities, qualification review, material identification, site (in secret) verification and written request for department comments and social publicity and other work procedures, “Qingjian" was identified as Service Brand of Shandong Province in terms of “building decoration, decoration and clean-up services”.

  The Group has always attached importance to nurturing and developing brand and enhancing influence. In 2006, the Group successfully registered “Qingjian” trademark; in 2011, “Qingjian” was awarded with the “National Well-known Trademark”.


  Famous brand in Shandong