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  “Qianjian +” model won the third session of Qingdao Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Award

  Recently, Qingdao Municipal Government commended the enterprises that won the third session of Qingdao Management Innovation Achievement and Enterprise Management Award in 2017. Five achievements, such as Innovation Strategy Management Model under the Background of “One Belt and One Road” – “Qingjian+” declared by Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. won the management innovation award. This is the second time for Qingjian to win Qingdao Management Innovation Achievement Award after winning the award by Delicacy Management of Construction Projects under the Informationization Framework in 2013.

  “Qingdao Enterprise Management Innovation Achievement Award” is the highest award in the field of enterprise management established by Qingdao Municipal Government in 2013. The award is issued by the municipal government and selected once every two years. At each time, five enterprises and five achievements are selected.

  Report of Qingdao Municipal People’s Government on the enterprises that win the Third Session of Qingdao Enterprise Management Award and Management Innovation Achievements


  A list of enterprises that win the Third Session of Qingdao Enterprise Management Award and Management Innovation Achievements


  The enterprises that win this session of management award have outstanding characteristics and advantages: first, they are mainly involved in high-end manufacturing, such as going out, machinery manufacturing, and rubber tires, and bio-pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, with a large scale, a high opening degree, a strong technology research and development capability and advanced network information technology. Second, strategic positioning is scientific and clear, and the promoting effect of transformation and upgrading is obvious, ecological supporting elements used for modernization management innovation are complete, basic management is solid, and innovation point is novel, thus forming a management characteristic that meets the actual needs of the enterprise, and promoting the comprehensive development and high-quality development of the enterprise, and promoting the enterprise to become a leader of the industry. Third, it covers the state-owned enterprises, mixed-ownership enterprises and private enterprises, and reflects the current status, achievements, and development trends of enterprise management innovation under different ownership systems and different stages of transformation and upgrading. Fourth, it summarizes and extracts a unique management model that is conducive to promotion and publicity, such as “a new model of the main business + industrial chain service platform” of Qingjian Group, “smart manufacturing + ecosystem service model” of Double Star Group, and “Internet factory + large-scale personalized customization model” of Haier Jiaozhou. Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.