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  Qingjian Group was successively selected as China Top 200 Competitive Construction Enterprise and Top 80 Chinese Contractors

  On November 26, the China Association of Construction Industry held the “Corporate Credit System Construction and Innovative Development Experience Exchange Conference in the National Construction Industry”. On the conference, the enterprises that won the China Top 200 Competitive Construction Enterprise were commended, and Qingjian Group won the 12th on the list. China Top 200 Competitive Construction Enterprise is a comprehensive evaluation of construction enterprises with a strong comprehensive strength and a leading position in the industry.


  A Certificate for China Top 200 Competitive Construction Enterprise in 2016

  On November 30, the American Engineering News-Record (ENR) and the China Construction Times jointly issued a list of 2017 Top 80 Chinese Contractors and Top 60 Engineering Design Enterprises”. Qingjian Group Co. Ltd. has been selected as “Top 80 Chinese Contractor” for 14 consecutive years, which ranked the 14th in 2017, and also the 4th most advanced international expansion contractor in 2017. On the list of 250 world’s largest international contractors released in 2017 ENR in August, Qingjian Group has been ranked on the list for 12 consecutive year, which ranked 64th, and also ranked the first in local construction enterprises for 2 consecutive years.

  2017 Top 80Chinese Contractors Awards Ceremony


  In recent years, Qingjian Group has thoroughly implemented the strategy guidance and working policy of “one low and two good”, and implemented overall diversification and local specialization, and implemented production and financing dual-drive development mode of integration, coordination optimization and assessment projects, and actively explored the enterprise’s transformation and upgrading, adhere to the international development to build a “big overseas” structure, so that the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of the Group continue to improve, and the corporate brand image and social influence are enhanced year by year.