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   Qingjian Group celebrated the 65th anniversary of the enterprise

  On September 27, Qingjian Group celebrated the 65th anniversary. More than 80 member units of Qingjian Group and employee representatives and family members from more than 60 branches at home and abroad gathered together. Sino-foreign employees gathered together to celebrate the enterprise’s birthday through colorful cultural and sports activities, share the joy of enterprise development, and look forward to a bright future of the enterprise. The 65th anniversary of Guoqing Group and Qingjian Group has received widespread attention by all walks of life. The mainstream media, such as Qingdao TV Station, Qingdao Daily, Qingdao Morning News, City News, CCTV News Mobile Network, Qingdao News Network, Phoenix Network, and Qingdao Finance Network reported the celebration activities and development achievements of Qingjian Group.

  On September 26, Qingjian Group organized 65thanniversary party under the theme of “seeking”. On the party, employees sung old songs, old, middle-aged and young employees talked about unforgettable experiences at home and abroad, outstanding employees were commended, and passionate recitation programs were performed, in order to seek for the footprint of enterprise development, enterprise’s spiritual culture, and a more brilliant development direction of the enterprise.

  65th anniversary celebration party

  On September 27th, at the staff sports meeting under the theme of “Celebrating the 19th National Congress, Striving for Innovative Achievements, and Realizing a New Leap”, Qingjian employees demonstrated corporate culture and spiritual appearance of the enterprise constantly striving for excellence and struggling through colorful opening ceremony performances and competitive project competitions. Wang Qingmao, the President of Guoqing Group and Chairman of Qingjian Group gave an opening speech of the sports meeting. Du Bo, the Chairman of the board of directors of Guoqing Group and the Chairman of Qingjian Group announced the opening of the sports meeting. 1,268 employees participated in the competition of 54 projects, and more than 3,000 employees watched the game on the spot for cheering for athletes.

  At the opening ceremony, Qingjian employees formed a national flag team, an enterprise flag team, a team of “One Belt and One Road”, a construction worker team, a domestic and overseas branch team, a business unit team, a member unit team, a team of listed companies, an employees’ family team and other characteristic teams. Among them, a team of “One Belt and One Road” was composed of more than 20 outstanding foreign employees from Namibia, Ghana, Algeria, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mali, Liberia and other countries, which has become a characteristic landscape on the venue. Foreign employees participated in the competitions of 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters, and shot put. Employees of different nationalities and different customs competed on the same site and encouraged each other to promote cultural exchange and communication.

  A team of “One Belt and One Road” composed by foreign employees stride forward