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  CNQC +: Strong Determination to “Go out”

  With construction standard and resource superiority of international competitiveness, CNQC created a series of miracles among Qingdao enterprises in such areas as overseas buildings, trading and industrial finance.

  Report from Qingdao Daily/Daily Website reporter: Cui Wu

  China Cultural Center (Singapore) undertaken by CNQC

  (The Minton Residential project undertaken by CNQC)

  (CNQC’s aid in upgrading and rebuilding cultural palace of Cote d'Ivoire)

  CNQC is a Qingdao enterprise owning rich experiences in overseas construction of over 30 years. In recent years, under the background of China-proposed “the Belt and Road” initiative, CNQC has proactively dock strategic planning of Qingdao’s compliance with it through giving play to such advantages in overseas construction experience, clients and talents, as well as creating model of “CNQC +”, so as to promote the enterprise to go out in quality resources of such areas as building construction, international trade and industrial finance. By this way, CNQC not only gained opportunities for self-development, but helped cooperative partners expand businesses in countries and regions along “the Belt and Road”, making brilliant achievements.

  In General Implementation Plan of Qingdao for Practicing China-proposed “the Belt and Road” Initiative and Qingdao’s Acceleration of Action Plan for Going out on Economic and Trade Cooperation under China-proposed “the Belt and Road” Initiative worked out last year were clearly defined that “CNQC +” and “Go-out” model developed by CNQC will be majorly generalized and new advantages in “Go-out” model will be developed.

  “CNQC + major projects”:

  President of the Republic of Namibia complimented: well done!

  On Nov. 07, 2015, China Cultural Center (Singapore) was officially inaugurated. It is the largest China cultural center with the most complete facilities abroad designed by Liu Taige, “the father of planning” in Singapore, perfectly integrating China cultural elements and modern building design philosophy. Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co. Pte Ltd., a famous China construction enterprise, was contracted to build it.

  Over more than ten years since Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co. Pte Ltd. explored market in Singapore, it had developed into a comprehensively collectivized company of strong strength from several small engineering brigades, which not only specialized in building construction, but became a strong performer in estate development and comprehensive logistics. Depending on excellent quality of construction and production management, CNQC was awarded the “Green Mark Gold”, the highest prize in environment-friendly construction field, and the “Construction Excellence Award” and “Construction Productivity Project Gold” by Building & Construction Authority of Singapore, as well as the “Architecture Prize” by Housing Development Board (HDB). Especially, it won the “Luban Award in China Overseas Projects” from 2013-2015.

  Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co. Pte Ltd. considers arduous struggle and scientific construction as the basis for expansion of businesses.

  Taking China Cultural Center (Singapore) as an example, the project is located in the downtown area of Singapore, adjoining Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), National Library Board (NLB), National Gallery, National Museum of Singapore and other cultural organizations, as well as high-rise buildings. Accordingly, it has great difficulty in construction. In order to reduce noise and disturbance to the buildings nearby, CNQC sent an outstanding management team and construction team for project construction. Through hard efforts paid and scientific organization carried out by them, the project was efficiently completed on schedule with quality guaranteed, obtaining general consent of relevant authorities.

  However, achievements made in Singapore project are not a unique case.

  In the course of expanding businesses abroad, especially in countries and regions along “the Belt and Road”, achievements have been made repeatedly as follows:

  In Angola, CNQC made continuous development and won the 2015 bidding for construction of new Luanda airport of Angola;

  In Cote d'Ivoire, CNQC received Letters of Appreciation sent from government of Cote d'Ivoire for its efficient and quality upgrading and rebuilding of Abidjan Cultural Palace;

  In Russia, CNQC won high praise from Li Hui, China's ambassador to Russia, for successful completion of Apartment project for Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Russian Federation;

  In Ghana, Hannah Tetteh, minister of foreign affairs and regional integration remarked, “Awutu Senya School” undertaken by CNQC will be taken as typical project for basic education of Ghana, and will be generalized nationwide”;

  In the completion ceremony of Namibian MR67 road project, President Hage Geingob made high praise: “WELL DONE!” as CNQC enriched its enterprise brands with 100% up-to-standard rate and excellence rate of 95% above guaranteed.

  After creating brand in construction area, “CNQC + major project” was promoted logically.

  In Cambodia, CNQC entered into agreements with cooperative partners on joint development of industrial park;

  In America and Australia, CNQC entered the market with an investment way, and cooperated with land agents for joint investment on estate construction;

  CNQC is on a wider road on overseas construction, opening bigger construction market and becoming more and more famous.

  “CNQC + modern service industry”: to improve gold content and wealth-made power of enterprise brands

  For CNQC, Dec. 26, 2014 is a day of great significance.

  On this day, Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. was launched through ribbon-cutting ceremony. After exploration for many years, CNQC finally walked out the vicious cycle centered on business supported by main construction business, and consciously started entering international market for participation in commercial competition in a planed and organized way. From then on,“CNQC + international trade”had set its sail for a more splendid future.

  Actually, if digging deeper, Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. also commenced undertaking based on requirements of its main construction business.

  As the contractor with rich experience in overseas construction, CNQC always strictly controls quality ranging from a large number of various materials required to be purchased in every project to project construction and workers’ life. In addition, CNQC has also experienced countless import and export procedures. How to utilize the existing resources and maximize the benefits? Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. is born at the right moment.

  By virtue of global service network of CNQC, Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. integrated numerous superior products and resources of superior enterprises, as well as common resources including export insurance, customs, tax administration, commodity inspection and banking, forming core competitiveness and enabling it to be on the “fast lane”.

  It is estimated that Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. breaks through RMB one hundred million after it is put into operation for only one year, and range of trade products expands to exporting all kinds of building materials, steel products, mechanical equipment, electronic products and textiles and garments, and importing liquors, foods and health-care products, as well as carrying out supply chain business and carrying trade business.

  In addition, its private brand creating also has achieved initial success.

  In order to better conduct imported products business, Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. specially registered “youmai” brand. It insists on “health, health preservation, green and safety” and markets European and Australian top-grade imported products with original packaging including drinks, foods, small household appliances and accessories. Presently,“youmai”products have had their stores in many cities in Shandong province. This year, Qingjian International Trading Co., Ltd. plans to cooperate with Liqun Group in commerce and trade and e-commerce, and carry out on-line and off-line commercial business.

  Success of international trade is an epitome of modern service CNQC is marching towards.

  Through integration of multiple resources, CNQC has obtained remarkable performance in fields of finance, logistics and medical treatment, greatly promoting enterprise image. Optimized financing structure of finance sector effectively promotes operation mode of “double-drive of production and finance”; overseas layout of logistics trade sector actively implemented realizes breakthrough in steel trading business; thorough docking is conducted between medical education section and high-quality resources at home and abroad, generating integrated effects; comprehensive service sector provides investment and operation with “one-stop” services such as planning and design consultation, bonded warehousing, export rebates, international distribution, international procurement and bonded logistics value-added service to relevant enterprises.

  Success of modern service makes “CNQC brand” shinning.

  “CNQC + international market”: joining hands with Qingdao enterprises to go out.

  At the beginning of 2015, trial operation of building materials platform--“Quickly Buy”, jointly established by CNQC and local large-scale developers, builders and Commonwealth Association of Architects in Australia, began in Sydney. In view of its correct positioning and ability of providing consumers with “one-stop” services, upon opening, “Quickly Buy” quickly became the most popular building materials market in the locality.

  For Chinese building materials enterprises thirsting for business development abroad, “Quickly Buy” is of more significance.

  In order to help Chinese enterprises exploit international market, “Quickly Buy” well-designed by CNQC and its partners, creates brand-new operation mode of providing joined enterprises with hypermarket, warehousing and promotion free of charge. Suppliers can either export goods by themselves or sign agency agreement to entrust “Quickly Buy” to handle. All this not only saves cost of exploiting overseas market, but also minimizes risks. Accordingly, many building materials enterprises in Qingdao are settled in advance, bringing a new breakthrough in Australian market.

  CNQC joints with other Chinese enterprises to go out, and exploits new development space in countries and regions along “the Belt and Road”. In the middle of 2015, it determined strategy of uniting famous Qingdao enterprises to jointly go out, signed strategic cooperation agreement with Aucma Group, Qingdao Beverage Group, Liqun Group, and other famous enterprises respectively, and established sales exhibition center for Chinese products (e.g. Aucma electric appliance, Lao Shan mineral water and soda water of Qingdao Beverage Group, as well as petty commodities of Liqun Group ) in African countries such as Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana.

  Medium-sized and small enterprises will not be excluded. Qingdao International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector set up via promotion of CNQC will guide medium-sized and small enterprises to bring in and go out following development mode of “CNQC+”. In June 2015, the commerce introduced national delegation of Liberia and held investment promotion conference; in July, the commerce organized Qingdao enterprises forming an inspection delegation to pay a business visit to Africa; in November, the delegation conducted specific inspection on Cambodia and achieved good results, wining high praise from many enterprises.


  Based on achievements made during the past ten years in Africa, CNQC plans to concentrate on creating Qingjian China-Africa e-commerce platform. This on-line and off-line interconnecting business platform aims to construct “No. 1 China-Africa business platform” through advantage integrating of resource allocation, so as to assist dealers in rapidly realizing procurement and sale of products. We have faith that, in the not-too-distant future, it will become a new highlight of overseas expansion of CNQC.