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  Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance was founded and

enterprises jointly exploit new markets


  April 27, from In the year of 2015, the turnover obtained from contracting projects in foreign countries by Qingdao enterprises ranked No. 2 among the sub-provincial cities all over the country, which was next only to Shenzhen, meanwhile the “go out” strategy of engineering construction enterprises was intensified as well. This morning, the Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) serving for “go out” strategy is officially founded and the first session of the 1st General Meeting of the Alliance and the Establishment Meeting is held in Shangri-La Hotel.

  45 enterprises attend the Alliance

  It is learned by the reporter of that the Alliance is a non-profit organization initiated and established by CNQC, Zhongqi Jiaojian, General Construction Company of Laixi, Qingdao Geotechnical Investigation and Surveying Research Institute and other construction enterprises under the guidance of Qingdao Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development. At present, the Alliance has 45 member enterprises in construction, exploration, design, supervision and cost consultation and other fields.

  On the Establishment Meeting, the Alliance passes the Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance Preparatory Work Statement and Development Plan, Constitutions of Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance and Election Methods of Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance, and elects the first session of council members, the Alliance President, Deputy President and the General Secretary. After election, four ceremonies are carried out respectively, namely, the establishment ceremony of Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance, award ceremony of the President, Deputy President, General Secretary and Council Members, award ceremony of foreign offices and the signing ceremony of member project cooperation agreement.

  Drive 10 enterprises to march into new markets in 3 years

  It is learned that the establishment of the Alliance has great importance to further drive Qingdao engineering construction enterprises to participate in the construction of “the Belt and Road”, to achieve resource sharing, joint development and mutual benefit and win-win for Qingdao enterprises and to raise the level of overall “go out” exploiting markets and undertaking projects for Qingdao construction industry.

  The Alliance is aimed at promoting the Qingdao engineering construction enterprises to “go out” in multiform, multichannel and multidirectional ways through enterprise resource sharing, complement of each other’s advantages and mutual benefit and win-win, and making contributions to building a new pattern for contracting overseas and promoting the international contracting level of Qingdao engineering construction industry. Centering on the development strategy of “the Belt and Road”, development goals of the Alliance are to take demands as emphasis, services as center, projects as link and finance as guarantee to promote the enterprises to exploit international engineering markets and to endeavor to drive 3 enterprises in one year and 10 in three years to march into new markets and business areas; to absorb 80 members in 3 years and to build an internationalized development alliance with complete mechanism, reasonable structure, scientific democracy and normative services and to promote the harmonious development of Qingdao international engineering industry in a pragmatic way.

  Establish 15 overseas branches

  At present in 54 Qingdao enterprises adopting the “go out” policy, more than 40 engineering construction enterprises have obtained the operating qualification for contacting projects in foreign countries. At the same time, the Qingdao engineering construction enterprises have complete classifications of specialty, not only covering the whole course of engineering construction, including exploration, design, supervision, construction and cost consultation etc., but also covering construction, road, railway, port, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal utility, petroleum, mechanical and electrical installation, electric power engineering and other industries. However, proportion of the turnover of contracting projects in foreign countries is relatively low and there is still great potential in foreign market development.

  Therefore, in order to better exploit overseas markets, the Alliance has established 15 overseas branches in Singapore, Burma, Indonesia, Algeria and other countries and regions. All these branches are derived from relatively mature organizations of the Alliance member enterprises with the function of providing local policy, industry and market information, handling the business consultations of Alliance enterprises, making reception of the visit and investigation carried out by the Alliance organizations and dealing with the public diplomatic affairs with embassies, local government departments and enterprises etc. on behalf of Alliance within the scope of authority. (Photographed and reported by Sun Zhiwen from