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  Engineering Construction Enterprises Implement “Go out” Strategy together

  Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance Inaugurated and

to Develop Overseas Markets Based on “the Belt and Road” Strategy

  □By Cui Wu from Qingdao Daily/Qingdao Daily Net

  Newspaper News Yesterday, Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance was inaugurated officially and 45 engineering construction enterprises became the first batch of members. In future, these enterprises will implement “Go out” strategy together and vigorously develop overseas engineering markets centering on “the Belt and Road” development strategy so as to endeavor to make “Qingdao Construction” famous in the global markets.

  Qingdao International Engineering Development Alliance is a non-profit organization, which is proposed and directed by Qingdao Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development and launched by many construction enterprises including CNQC, Zhongqi Jiaojian Group Co., Ltd., General Construction Company of Laixi and Qingdao Geotechnical Investigation and Surveying Research Institute and so on. Centering on “the Belt and Road” development strategy, and regarding demands as key point, services as center, projects as linkage, finance as guarantee, the Alliance will drive enterprises to develop international engineering markets and endeavor to lead three enterprises in one year and ten enterprises in three years to be engaged in new markets and new business fields; meanwhile, the Alliance will spare no efforts to recruit 80 members in three years so as to build an international development alliance characterized by perfect mechanism, reasonable structure, scientific democracy and normative service, and impel the harmonious development of the Qingdao International engineering industry in a pragmatic way.

  At present, the Alliance has contained 45 units covering construction, investigation, design, supervision, cost consultation and other fields and has established overseas branch offices in Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Algeria, Angola, Liberia, Ghana, Seychelles, Cambodia, Laos, Chad, the United Kingdom, India, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.

  Qingdao construction enterprises have a good foundation to develop overseas markets. According to statistics, the business volume relating to contract projects abroad of Qingdao City ranked the second behind Shenzhen in the sub-provincial cities of the whole nation in 2015. Implementing “going out” strategy positively is an important way for enterprises to promote the development space and become larger and stronger.