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  Foreign Workers of the CNQC Visited Qingdao

  When he came to China firstly, Kerim has three wishes: visiting CNQC headquarters, climbing the Great Wall and visiting the Palace Museum. When he stood on the Xiao Yu Hill of Qingdao the day before yesterday and overlooked the big “CNQC” signboard in the Nanhai Road, he felt that his dream came true.

  Kerim, a 37-year-old worker of CNQC Algeria Branch Company, with his nine workmates were rated as “Model Workers”, thus they obtained the chance to visit China before “May 1st” International Labor Day, which is also the second time for CNQC Algeria Branch Company to organize outstanding workers to visit China after last year. Among these “Foreign Model Workers” coming to Qingdao, there are also three workers from Vietnam, two workers from India and two workers from Bangladesh besides three workers from Algeria.

  Under the guidance of the worker of Qingdao headquarters, ten foreign workers visited these scenic spots including Qingdao Coastal Scenery, Xiao Yu Hill and Xiao Qingdao, Olympic Sailing Base and Eight Great Passes and so on. During the 5-day visit, CNQC will also lead foreign workers to go to Beijing to visit the Great Wall, the Palace Museum and Tiananmen Square besides visiting Qingdao.

  “Seaside of Qingdao is very similar to seaside of many cities in Algeria, and scene here is so beautiful”. Kerim can speak Chinese fluently because he has worked together with Chinese workers for a long time. “I can speak Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese”, Kerim said this to the journalist proudly. The manager Wang Huaide, who led these ten foreign workers to come back, told the journalist that Kerim was a “busy man” in CNQC Algeria Branch Company and he could make all things including language translation, project matching, organization of data and going to the government departments to transact various affairs well and in perfect order.

  Nahema was also enchanted by the beautiful atmosphere. She was a senior worker of CNQC Algeria Branch Company. She has been a secretary for nine years since 2007. She has been yearning the beauty of Qingdao for a long time and picture album in her hands was browsed repeatedly. She looked around cheerfully and took photos continuously in each place including Xiao Yu Hill, Xiao Qingdao, Olympic Sailing Base and Eight Great Passes and so on.

  Workers took out their mobile phones to take photos one after another and all of them wished that they could photograph what they saw when entering CNQC’s construction site in Chongqing South Road. “The place is so wonderful. The building is so high and is constructed well and all details are processed subtly”, Biduter, a tiler from Bangladesh said with his finger pointing towards a corner.

  According to reports, in order to solve the labor service problems that hinder overseas development in multichannel ways, CNQC took labor service of North Korea as the pilot to positively explore the feasibility of using the labor service of the third country in Algeria and Dubai and so on. During nearly two-year period, CNQC overcame many problems including difficult labor indicator application, complex visa processing procedure, formidable negotiation of contract terms and difficult organization for dispatching process successively. In addition, the first batch of building workers (54 building workers) with the nationality of North Korea was successfully sent to Algeria to carry out work in April 2014.

  On the basis of using labor service of North Korea successfully, Algeria Branch Company and Middle East Branch Company continued to push development of the third-country labor service markets in India, Vietnam and Bangladesh. At present, the Algeria Branch Company has nearly 3,000 labor service personnel in total, in which, there are more than 1,300 labor service personnel from China, 750 workers from Algeria, and 1,020 labor service personnel (in which, 670 from Vietnam, 120 from North Korea, 160 from Bangladesh and 70 from India) from the third country.