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Officials from 14 Countries Paying a Visit to Qingjian to Promote Cooperation


  On August 30, officials from 14 countries participating in "developing country project contracting seminar" organized by Ministry of Commerce in China paid a visit to Qingjian Group, seeking opportunities for cooperation, and recommending the construction tasks of each country. These officials were from Vietnam, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Uganda, Palestine and other countries and regions, mainly serving in departments as the Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works, Department of construction, etc.


  Shang Yongle, CEO of Guoqing Holding Group Co. Ltd. (International), Board Chairman of Qingjian International received the delegation at the headquarter, and introduced the international business development and   market layout of Qingjian. At present, Qingjian conducted business in 17 countries, a number of projects that had important influence were under construction, such as the Chinese culture center in Singapore, the Cultural Palace project in Cote d'ivoire, state water plant project in Angola, etc. In addition, the preparations returning to Libya have been completed and the advance team of 4 people has arrived in Libya.


  Officials from 14 countries showed keen interests in the overseas business of Qingjian. When they saw their countries appearing in advertising video of Qingjian, they thumbed up, praising the excellent quality of buildings constructed by Qingjian. Expert Chen Wenlong from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam said that his house was only 10 minutes’ distance away from the Gold Lake Apartment constructed by Qingjian, and local people spoke highly of the project. He welcomed Qingjian to have continual investment and construction in Vietnam.


  Mohammed •Moto Jia, chief engineer in Bridge Bureau of Ministry of Transportation, Bangladesh paid attention to what the construction of local projects by Chinese companies can bring to local people. He asked that how Qingjian develops and uses the local employees in oversea countries. Shang Yongle explained, in overseas institutions and projects of Qingjian, there were more than 1/3 local employees, and in some countries the number of local employees were even more than that of Chinese employees. “Now, we adhere to territorial management and equal pay for equal work”, said Shang Yongle, the principle of Qingjian in oversea countries were “when we carry out a project, we will make the project a monument and during the construction, we will make a group of friends”. Improving the skills and income of local staff and letting the local people benefit from the arrival of Qingjian were win-win cooperation and harmonious development.



  This report was reproduced by Construction Times and China Construction News.