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Two Projects of Qingjian in Singapore Won the Excellent Architecture Award


  On September 3, at the award ceremony of Singapore HDB (Housing Development Board) 2013 Annual Architecture Prize, both Punggol 964 Project and Bukit Panjang 771 Project undertaken by Qingjian International (Southeast Asia) Company won the Excellent Architecture Award. Minister Chen Chuanren of Singapore Ministry of Manpower as the guest host, together with HDB Chairman Xu Cixiang and Director Cai Junxuan, attended the award ceremony and presented awards to the winning enterprise.


  Punggol 964 Project is close to the light rail line, but the whole construction process caused no adverse impact on the light rail transit. When constructing multi-storey car parks of approximately 270 meters in full length, Qingjian firstly adopted the method of three-section construction, shortened the construction period by three months, and improved the quality of construction. In addition, this project actively adopted the environment-friendly materials, winning the BCA Green Mark Gold Award.


  Bukit Panjang 771 Project is close to mountains, and the houses therein were delivered earlier. Qingjian innovated the construction method for this project, delivered the houses as scheduled, and built the safe passageway for the residents. In addition, Qingjian designated 24-hour guards, adopted various security measures and warning signs, and reduced the inconvenience for the neighboring residents and the public to the greatest extent, thus won high praise.


  From September 3 to September 4, Lianhe Zaobao and the Straits Times as the mainstream media of Singapore Press Holdings gave special report on the award-winning enterprise and projects.