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Phase I Residential Project of Qingjian • Phoenix City Was Delivered


   From September 30 to October 2, Phase I Residential Project of Qingjian · Phoenix City was delivered to the owners as scheduled. At the time of reporting, the accumulated delivery proportion exceeded 50% and XX houses were delivered. To guarantee smooth delivery, President Zhang Yu of Qingjian Real Estate and the responsible persons in various specialties all appeared on the site to solve problems of the owners.


   In order to ensure successful delivery, Qingjian · Phoenix City selected excellent employees from different departments to establish the house delivery team three months in advance, organized the delivery training, sorted out the key problems in advance and required the delivery personnel to master the delivery process and relevant expertise.


   On the first day of delivery, many owners successively arrived at the sales center for house delivery. The delivery site was orderly and the owner was accompanied and guided by a staff member in each process, reflecting the service concept of “considerate service, humanistic care”. One of the owners said happily that he was very satisfied with the delivery service provided by Qingjian.