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  Qingjian Group won the 21st Luban Prize

  Awarded “Outstanding Contribution Unit for Creating Luban Prize for Construction Project”

  On November 3, the China Construction Industry Association issued the “Decision on Awarding Luban Prize for China Construction Project in 2016-2017 (Foreign Projects)”. 44 projects undertaken or involved by the Chinese enterprises were selected into a list of Luban Prize for Overseas Projects. Yangon Sule Plaza Complex project in Myanmar constructed by Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. and involved by Qingdao Bohai Construction Group Co., Ltd. was included in the list, and won the 21stLuban Prize for Qingjian Group. This is the fourth consecutive overseas Luban Prize for Qingjian Group after winning the first overseas Luban Prize for Qingdao City in 2013.

  At the same time, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Luban Prize and promote the spirit of Luban that keeps improving and strives for excellence, on November 3, the China Association of Construction Industry issued the “Decision on Praising the Outstanding Contribution Units, Excellent Companies, Advanced Individuals, Honorary Project Manager and Outstanding Organizational Units of Creating Luban Prize Projects”, and awarded outstanding contribution units and individuals in creating Luban Prize projects. 33 units, such as Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. were awarded as “Outstanding Contribution Unit of Creating Luban Prize Projects”; 283 comrades, such as Zhu Siyuan were awarded as “Advanced Individual of Creating Luban Prize Projects”; 104 comrades, such as Zhang Dongping were awarded as “Honorary Project Manager of Creating Luban Prize Projects”.


  Certificate of Honor


  Yangon Sule Plaza complex project in Myanmar is located in central Yangon, with the building area of 71,000 square meters, building height of 90.5 meters, and 23 floors above the ground, which is invested and developed by a listed company in Hong Kong – Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Group. Myanmar Branch of Qingjian Group contracts the construction. The project started construction in February 2014 and was completed and put into use in July 2016. Sule Plaza complex project is a large-scale complex project in Myanmar. After the completion of the project, it has become a new landmark in Yangon City. Since the project has been operated for more than one year, it has been widely praised by the owners and users, so that the brand of Qingjian has a wide popularity and reputation in the local area.