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  Qingdao. about Namibia, CNQC Paves Miraculous "Sky Road" for the "Red Clay People"

  (Report from Qingdao. reporter Guan Xiaokun on Feb. 17, 2017)

  Every August, Himba people of northwest Namibia holds multiple ceremonies to embrace the warming weather. The ceremony held in Aug. 2015 was especially grand. Singing and dancing with guests around the country, Himba people celebrated this day for long-awaited opening of the “sky road” to their hometown.

  Himba people for generations living in northwest Namibia is an old and mysterious ethnic group. They maintain original life style of 500 years ago. Women of this group use mixture of red clay and butter to smear their skin and hair, gaining the name of “red clay people”. Deep in the living area of this ethnic group is semiarid desert scrub of north Namibia, where they cannot cultivate crops but to depend on livestock breeding, almost being completely cut off from the outside world.


Red Clay People (file photo)

  In 2013, CNQC Namibia branch was contracted to build MR67 road of Namibia, which was located in north Namibia with overall length of 86 km and was main artery of communications throughout four north provinces of Namibia. After undertaking this project, CNQC repeatedly carried out on-the-spot investigation and analysis, organized construction in a scientific way, and spared no effort to overcome all kinds of difficulties in operation and scientific problems. By this way, CNQC completed this project 100 days in advance and delivered it to the Namibian government for use. While CNQC tried to guarantee the time limit for delivery and project quality, it also actively fulfilled social responsibilities and was brave to introduce local enterprises and employed a large number of local workers to participate in project construction. Especially, CNQC regularly organized local workers to accept technical skills training so as to improve their engineering level, winning appreciation of local government and residents.

  On the right day of ribbon-cutting for completion of MR6 road project, Hage Geingob, president of Namibia, said in excitement, “I firmly believe that the opening of this new road will certainly benefit to the development of local economy, effectively promote the development of local tourism, and strengthen contacts between Namibia and Southern African Development Community (SADC).” Erkki Endjala, governor of the province where MR6 road project was located, thought highly of CNQC Namibia branch for its efforts and contributions to opening of MR6 road, which made it convenient for the isolated Himba tribe to communicate with the outside world, and made it possible for the “red clay people” to be on the road to richness and prosperity.

                                      First reviewed by: Gao Zhongye

                                                  Editor in charge: Ding Yijia (Qingdao)


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