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  CNQC Chairman Wang Xianmao Meets Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines

  On the afternoon of February 27, CNQC Chairman Wang Xianmao met Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines and had a friendly talk with him.

  CNQC chairman Wang Xianmao (third from the right) has a talk with President Duterte (third from the left)

  CNQC chairman Wang Xianmao (first from the left) meets President Duterte

  Chairman Wang Xianmao gave President Duterte a description of the company’s development history, its global layout, business scope, and construction experiences and development advantages in the Philippines. President Duterte’s successful visit to China last October gave him confidence in investing in the country, and CNQC will, by making full use of the excellent opportunities involved in the improving bilateral China-Philippines relations, find more chances to make investments, and construct and develop real estate in the country and contribute to the friendly cooperation between China and Philippines as well as local infrastructure construction.

  CNQC chairman Wang Xianmao (first from the right) and CNQC president Xin Zhaohe (first from the left) meets President Duterte

  President Duterte appreciated CNQC’s business pattern, comprehensive strength and achievements in international market exploration and commended the company for its contribution to the infrastructure construction of his country. The Philippine government welcomes CNQC to get involved in local infrastructure construction and investment and will provide a fair environment and efficient services for the development of Chinese-funded enterprises like CNQC in the Philippines, he said. When the talk was over, President Duterte pleasantly inscribed the words ‘Best Wishes’ for CNQC.

  President Duterte inscribes the words ‘Best Wishes’ for CNQC

  During their stay in the Philippines, Wang Xianmao and CNQC president Xin Zhaohe paid a special visit to the minister of Department of Public Works and Highways and the minister of Department of Transportation, thus strengthening their work exchanges and further enhancing the leverage of the company in infrastructure construction field. Mr. Wang Xianmao also visited the management of central enterprises like China Railway Group, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Road and Bridge Corporation, China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd., and Power Construction Corporation of China, and talked about their cooperation in the Philippines in the future, laying a solid foundation for CNQC’s future exploration of the Philippine market.

  Wang Xianmao, the chairman of CNQC, has a talk with Zhao Jianhua, the Chinese ambassador in the Philippines

  On February 28, Wang Xianmao and Xin Zhaohe visited Zhao Jianhua, the Chinese ambassador in the Philippines, and commercial counselor Jin Yuan, and gave a detailed introduction on the rapidly increasing overseas business of CNQC and their intention to further expand the Philippine market. Ambassador Zhao appreciated the achievements of the company, and required CNQC to make full use of its advantages and do business actively at the time when the friendly China-Philippines cooperation is stable. He says that CNQC should not only undertake projects independently, but make great breakthroughs with all-around cooperation with the central enterprises in the Philippines. Mr. Wang Xianmao says that CNQC will give play to its strong points, under the direction of the embassy and the commercial office, to promote the infrastructure construction of the Philippines and make due contribution to the friendly relations between China and the Philippines.

  CNQC chairman Wang Xianmao has a talk with Jin Yuan, the Chinese commercial counselor in the Philippines


  CNQC has grown into the most qualified large construction enterprise in the Philippines by implementing sustainable development strategy since it entered the Philippine market in 1999. The company has undertaken a few key projects of the country, including Pampanga, C5 Expressway, national road RI-2.7A section, national road rebuilding project CP-RI2.4 section, Eastern Samar CP3 section of the national Grade two road development project in the Philippines, and CP2 section of the Grade two road development project in the Philippines (state road SNRDP). With rich construction experiences in the territorial state and advanced management mode, CNQC actively takes its social responsibilities and creates jobs for local people, so the commercial office of the Chinese embassy in the Philippines awards it the title of “Chinese-funded Model Enterprise”.