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  Deepen Cooperation between Colleges and Enterprises, Explore Mixed Ownership School-Running, and Support the National Strategy of “One Belt, One Road” ——Unveiling of “Qingjian School” of Qingdao Technical College

  At the beginning of this year, a fresh achievement was made in Qingdao’s vocational education reform. On the morning of January 17, Qingdao Technical College, Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Construction Engineering Workers Secondary Specialized School signed an agreement to jointly establish Qingdao Technical College Qingjian School. Those present at the unveiling ceremony included Wang Jinsheng, the secretary of the Party committee of Qingdao Technical College, Wang Xianmao, the chairman of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd., co-president Liu Zhouxue, and Bao Zhichen, the secretary of Qingdao Construction Secondary Specialized School.

  According to the provision of “exploring and developing vocational colleges of stock system and mixed ownership” stipulated in “Decision on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education”, Qingdao Technical College, Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Construction Engineering Workers Secondary Specialized School, making use of their own resources and advantages, took the lead in Qingdao in exploring the new model of integration of production and teaching with mixed ownership and jointly set up Qingjian School of Qingdao Technical College.

  Qingdao Vocational College is a full-time regular school established in 2000, and an outstanding national demonstrative higher vocational colleges and national vocational education establishment. CNQC, one of the leading construction enterprises in Shandong, has been listed among “ENR Top 250 International Contractors in the World” for the eleventh year in a row. Qingdao Construction Engineering Works Secondary Specialized School, established in 1983, provides adult junior college education, adult undergraduate education, secondary education in project construction, and has trained large number of talents of high quality and high education level; it trains and assesses more than 10,000 of junior, middle and senior workers in construction and mechanics every year. The powerful combination of the three parties ensures broad prospects for Qingjian School.

  After the establishment of Qingjian School, the resource advantages of the three institutions in talents, technology, capital, site, innovation and entrepreneurship will be given full play, the combination of production and teaching will be deepened to fill the void in the construction profession of Qingdao Technical College; and the school will enrich the education training industrial chain of CNQC, really realize win-win and sharing among the three parties, promote the development of the mixed ownership school-running model in Qingdao and take the lead in going global in education.

  The three parties, by deepening the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, promoting the combination of production and teaching and training practical talents, can not only meet the demand of enterprises for talents but also promote the employment of the graduates of vocational schools. They will work hard to improve the quality of talents trained, enhance technological innovation capability, improve the level of social service, keep breaking new ground in education development in Qingdao, and contribute much to reasonable development, blue leap and acceleration of the construction of a livable and happy modern international city, said Tan Chuan, president of Qingdao Technical College.

  Wang Xianmao, the chairman of CNQC, said CNQC had a long history in cooperation with education. In 1953, a cadre training school was set up in the company, which develops into Qingdao Construction Secondary Specialized School and Qingdao Construction Training School now. In May, 2015, Li Qun, the member of the standing committee of Shandong provincial Party committee and the secretary of Qingdao municipal committee of the CPC, visited CNQC Seychelles Branch and proposed “CNQC+” strategy. In 2016, CNQC established Qingdao International Engineering Development League, which leads more than 40 enterprises to jointly explore international market. In the future the company will introduce education industry into other related countries with rich human resources, to expand the scope of college education and training, to train and store outstanding talents for CNQC in overseas markets and contribute to the economic construction under the guidance of the belt and road initiative.


  Bao Zhichen, the secretary of Qingdao Construction Secondary Specialized School, said that in 2015, his school cooperated with BCA of Singapore in exploring overseas school-running market and providing construction enterprises with specialized professionals of high level; in 2016 the school reached an agreement with Pakistan training agency TEVTA on vocational training and education in construction engineering and signed a understanding memorandum. Now they are building the base for training teachers sent by CNQC to Pakistan. After the cooperation, they will introduce the education platform of Qingjian School into Pakistan as soon as possible, and cooperate closely in vocational training and higher education. They will also find a new way of combining production and teaching and jointly serve the “belt and road” initiative.