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  Opening Ceremony of Qingjian Fenghuang——“Kun Warehouse” Held Solemnly

  On October 27, in pleasant autumn, the opening ceremony of Shandong Qingjian Fenghuang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. ——“Kun Warehouse”, which was jointly set up by Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Longdu Information Technology Co., Ltd. on the basis of joint venture, was solemnly held. Li Feng, the secretary of Zhucheng municipal committee of the CPC, Liu Fengmei, the mayor of Zhucheng municipality, and Ding Hongbin, the chairman of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.

  The mayor of Zhucheng Liu Fengmei made an enthusiastic speech, in which she congratulated “Kun Warehouse” on its successful opening warehouse and expressed great expectations on Qingjian Fenghuang supply chain project. Chairman Ding Hongbin, on behalft of CNQC, extended a welcome speech and showed sincere thanks to the forceful support given to “Kun Warehouse” by the functional authorities of Zhucheng municipal government at all levels and the businesses. Han Xia, the general manager of Qingjiang Fenghuang, gave a description of Qingjian Fenghuang supply chain project as well as the positioning, functions and storage capability of Kun Warehouse. After the warehouse opening ceremony, the leaders and guests visited the sorting and packaging center of the Kun Warehouse.

  “Kun Warehouse”, occupying an area of 200 mu (around 13.34 hectares), is situated at Zhucheng functional area of Qingdao Free Trade Zone at the heart of Shandong province and is a the third party storage and logistics service provider engaged in double warehouse operation inside and outside of the free trade zone. At the first stage of the project, three eleven-meter-high large modern intelligent storehouses, with a construction area of 14,000 square meters, which are divided into automatic stereoscopic storage area and intelligently sorting, conveying and packaging area, have been built, with an average of 50,000 orders finished each day and a peak of 100,000 orders. Now the planning for the second stage of the project has been finished. The warehouses to be built at this stage will be 24 meters high, and efficient cloud storage management system of the first class in China will be set up, which will provide customers with intelligent warehouses in the true sense of the word, meet warehouse logistics demand from enterprises and offer domestic and foreign businesses multiple value-added services, including goods financial pledge, logistics big data and operation agent, to help them solve difficulties.


  The successful opening “Kun Warehouse” marks a new stage for the development of Qingjian Fenghuang supply chain project. The company will use its own advanced storage and logistics system to provide professional cloud storage and distribution services for the enterprises that have been registered at the platform so that they could concentrate on their business, on improving efficiency and reducing costs. Meanwhile, Qingjian Fenghuang will take advantage of the policies and functional advantage of the bonded logistics center in Zhucheng functional area, to provide customers with the whole supply chain services ranging from overseas purchase agent, supply chain finance, customs declaration and storage and logistics, to O2O experience store.