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  Four Scientific and Technological Achievements of Qingjian Reach the Advanced International Level

  On September 26, Qingjian organized the standardized assessment and acceptance of four scientific and technological achievements. The expert team in this acceptance meeting was composed of five well-known experts including Ye Keming, the academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Li Dongbin, the researcher at China Academy of Building Research. After hearing the research group’s report on the technical work and research, asking some questions and having discussions, the experts present at the meeting made a comprehensive assessment of the project in terms of technological maturity, innovation and advancement, and drew a conclusion that Qingjian’s four scientific and technological achievements had reached the advanced international level.

  The four scientific and technological achievements assessed this time, which may be widely extended and applied in construction projects, may be used to optimize design and construction schemes, speed up construction, improve construction quality and control major construction security factors. The two construction simulation and analysis research achievements on foundation pit and formwork are a great breakthrough in the effective application of BIM at the construction stage in China and will become effective technological support for the meticulous and intelligent construction of project.